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Hello! Emilia was spotted out with her mother in London on May 18.

Bonjour! Le 18 mai, Emilia a été aperçue à Londres en compagnie de sa mère.

Candids > 2017 > May 18 – Out with her mother Jennifer Clarke in London.

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Hello! Emilia was spotted in London with a friend on May 12!

Candids > 2017 > May 12 – Out in London.

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Hello! Emilia was spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport on April 20

Candids > 2017 > April 20 – At Heathrow Airport.

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Game of thrones > Season 07 > Episode Stills > Unknow.

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Hello! Emilia was spotted departing Heathrow Airport in London, UK on April 14

Candids > 2017 > April 14 – Heathrow Airport in London, UK.

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Hello, Emilia was at the Harvey Weinstein Pre BAFTAs Dinner in London on February 10!

Public Appearances > 2017 > FEB 10 – Harvey Weinstein Pre BAFTAs Dinner, London

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